It's about time,

Tree Wrought's mission is to practice arboriculture. Drawing from an incredibly knowledgable network of individuals and resources....

we believe the unequivocal formula for success is doing the right thing in the right place at the right time with the right people.

meet the band:

  • Alan Clark (BudBud): Expert climber, certified arborist, and most recently, registered consulting arborist.  Years of arboricultural experience with government and private organizations...everything from streetscapes to private yards to remote restoration contract work.  Applied focus in mycology and soil remediation applications.  Speakin' in general, BudBud is dedicated to helping friends see the forest through their trees. He's ready to believe you.  
  • Kenny Gamchow: The resident general do-gooder, he's talkin' about tomorrow like it was yesterday.  Disciplined sand shoveler / groundsman / branch manager / tree worker.  Speakin' in general, He's ready to believe you.  


  • Spruce Spanner: Spruce is an expert stone mason who can turn huge slabs of bluestone into commercial/residential hardscapes. He's ready to believe you.   
  • David Raymond Baker: The single most talented human being in the field of Landscape Architecture. In fact he spent a great deal of his time doing just that for the City of New York's Central Park! His multi-talented and extremely coordinated wife, Joanna, analyzes, allocates, revises, forecasts and prioritizes Tree Wrought's goals: she is the indispensable branch manager. They have a beautiful little boy named Julian who is most likely going to grow up, become a King, and lock us all away in a dungeon.
  • Sub-Urban Forestry: : Tree Wrought collaborated with Sub-Urban Forestry taking part in the conscious harvest of urban trees. From these trees, Sub-Urban Forestry produces beautiful lumber and unique, practical furniture and whatnot. It Is Whats Up 
  • Morruzi Farm and Forestry: Anyone else doesnt really know what they're doing.  This human being has it locked in.  Adam is without equal.  He can tell you the weather forecast for a place you don't even know you're going to be at 5 years from now.  Shiny beam of light, this guy.  
  • International Society of Arboriculture (ISA): Feel free to browse their website and learn more about the importance of trees and verify TWs certs and quals: 
  • Nate Woodard: Wildflower: The ally of allys. Working on large scale operations....Wildflower's areas of Expertise include;  natural resource project management, habitat restoration design/implementation, botanical surveys, and invasive species management...with the rest of us...And if you ever run into him, make sure to get directions to the JuneBug Jamboree!
  • Earth Community Alliance (ECA)is a group of community volunteers dedicated to helping in a way that is beneficial for all life on planet earth.  ECA's primary work is to unite people through community events, green initiatives and volunteering to create a more connected, healthier and environmentally regenerative earth community. 
  • Mint: the translators, pressing imprints subliminally the only way they know how. cracking the code of the crop circle node. Mint presses the currency that makes the world go round.
  • The Three Roses: If you are ever in the sky, he's the one sitting stout below the ridge. A thing or two upon a three can be learned from experience, none of which will slow you down. In essence, every step matters, as though you were sitting down to a tall glass of beer. Truly phenomenal humans being.