Acer saccharum

October 3, 2012 by Polyporus badius

sugar bush

from root to bud, and beyond.....and back to the root again


the maple tree is a northeast native, and could talk the ears off a rhino had you the time and patience to understand the canopy of space this species has covered and the amount of time its roots have milled into carbon sequestering nodules only to be fermented by the sugars produced by its photosynthesizing leaves into the oxygen we vehemently depend on but pay almost NO attention to how we get it.........oh, I had no idea.....i probably know you. HI.

Maple Trees are beautiful. Donald Culross Peattie's diatribe has much more style and grace...

"Over them all....rise the colors of one tree - the sugar maple --in the shout of a great army. Clearest yellow, richest crimson, tumultuous scarlet, or brilliant orange, the yellow pigments shining through the overpainting of the red --the sugar maple at once outdoes and unifies the rest. It is like the mighty, marching melody that rides upn the crest of some symphonic weltering sea, and with its crying song,gives meaning to all the calculated dissonance of the orchestra." 


Comment by Tania Maxfield

August 12, 2014 at 02:01 PM

Hi there! I recently purchased some delicious maple syrup from my local co-op. I am trying to learn if it is grade A or grade B because the label does not say. In addition, I can't really tell who made the maple syrup but your website was on the label. My lable says it is produced in the Adirondack mountains in a collaboration with Al Forno Ferruzza, The Elixir Lab and Tree Wrought. Are you able to help me answer my question or forward me to someone who can?
Thank you,