Frequent questions

When are you open?

We are available whenever you need us. Do not hesitate to call. We will respond just as soon as we can. In case of emergency, we will be there as quickly as possible. But dont forget to call power companies and/or the gas companies if a tree has fallen within the vicinity or through power lines.


Do you work outside of Portland?

Yes, we do. We are bi-coastal. We will travel to the trees. We enjoy working in both the urban setting and in the forests. Be sure to check out our associates to learn more about what we do. 


What are your rates?

We work, and expect that what we do will be compensated, at any rate and that we will eat food and be healthy. We discuss the parameters of the budget, the scope of work and decide the pertinence of our actions before we commit to such en devours.....when we decide that whats been agreed upon is to be done, we do it. You pay us for it, or trade, we like trade.......or if there is some other forms of compensation that keep us healthy...fair chance we will listen to you and consider things with the forests in mind.